Did you know that there are many benefits to volunteering? Volunteering helps you stay healthy physically, and can also improve your mental health. Volunteering can build confidence, and can even help reduce depression. Volunteering can help you learn or develop a new skill, and can give you a sense of achievement.  People who volunteer are more employable. Most importantly, volunteering is good fun!

Volunteering Opportunities in Watford

To find out more about volunteering opportunities in Watford, we suggest that you contact Watford and Three Rivers Trust.

Other local volunteering opportunities:

Volunteering and Benefits

This is what the DWP says about volunteering whilst on benefits:

“The basic rules are that if you get Jobseeker’s Allowance, you will still need to be looking for paid work. You must be free to go to an interview if we give you 48 hours' notice. You must be able to start work within one week of us giving you notice.

You must not be paid money or anything else for volunteering. It’s OK to be paid your expenses but you must tell us what you get. So make sure you can get hold of your receipts. You must contact Jobcentre Plus if you want to do any volunteering. We will ask you to fill in a simple form telling us about the volunteering you want to do.”

You can read more about volunteering whist on benefits by clicking here or contact New Hope’s Head Office for a copy of this document.

The DWP website says:

People can volunteer and claim benefits if:

•          the only money they get from volunteering is to cover expenses, like travel costs

•          they continue to meet the conditions of the benefit they get